Today’s guest speaker is about Rob and Sam. They both own an advertisement company which is called GREY LONDON. Sam Daly is the Art Director, who’s role it to control how thing looked and how they shoot. He makes sure the filming department is impeccable, how everything is designed, and Rob Greaves is the Copywriter.

An important quality of the company is working as a team. Team work in the creative industry such as advertising is a quality highly needed, because everyone has a different background and all that different qualities which brings in different perspective and creative ideas.

Advertising company basic is creativity which is a quality not everyone has. The most beneficial information for me is being creative. Creativity has always been my focus when it comes to career prospects in the present and for the future.

Being creative has always been an aspect I look for when searching for a job, something which permits me show my point of view and creative projects. The information which would affect work in the future in a positive way is also working as part of a team is also an important aspect I also search when looking for a job or think about my future career. Been able to work with people from different background, mind-set and ideas to create a project is something I always look forward to, and Rob and Sam highlight how important it is especially working in the advertising industry.



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