I would call this part two of my experience living in The Netherlands. If you had read my last post you would know that I didn’t like being in the university I was sent to. I didn’t like the feeling and definitely not the experience. I didn’t want my second half of the year to be the same, so I had to take the matter to my hand, it’s either that or I decide to cancel my trip here and move back home to England. I did make good friends, or that’s what I thought but I’ll leave that story for another blog post, sounds interesting right?

During the month of December, I was in my room thinking how I would make my second half of the year better. I called my university back home and they said I had the option to do an internship for the other half of the year, you can’t imagine how happy I was to hear that. Instantly I started looking for internships in Amsterdam, the capital, why there? Because in Leeuwarden, the city I was sent to, being able to speak Dutch is priority. I wasn’t going to get no internship in that area if I was fluent in speaking Dutch. I searched for internship in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, knowing they’re the two biggest cities here in the Netherlands and also international. I had more opportunity to find an internship in Amsterdam than in Leeuwarden. Coventry University also gave me the contact of an office, where I could do my work. Did an interview and got the job. Cool, right? I know.
I started working for a Media Production company here in there Netherlands as an Assistant Producer. Right now, I can say I absolutely love my work, but do you think initially it was like that? No way.
When I started I was lost, and confused. I didn’t have no guide and no one seem to help me.

Filming DDDFirst week went by, I was completely lost, but second week was better because I didn’t have to be sitting in an office for hours looking at a screen without having a clue about what I am doing. We went to film at a theatre. I loved filming and moving around a lot, and I learnt a lot more about videocameras, lighting and how my lenses captures talented people all by myself, it was a challenge due to me being scared of ruining a professional work, but I overcame it.
Third week got better, I am not the best at editing, still a work in progress, and I was asked to edit a video for a project we are currently working on. I loved the process and I finally found my place in the company. I was now focused and, dedicated into editing. That’s how I became a good Assistant Producer. I can now say I can edit videos with so much confidence that my works is A1 (You know what I mean)

This journey continues…

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