Coventry University was delighted to have Hayley Longdin as a guest speaker for 2nd year Media and Communication students.
Hayley Longdin

I personally was excited to hear all the advice Hayley Longdin was ready to give. Hayley is the Client Service Manager at Whistle Pr. Giving a brief background about Hayley, she studied Media and Communication at Birmingham university, with the aspiration of being a journalist. Her first career job was as an assistant editor at Birmingham Independent.

Furthermore, some years later she started working for a pr agency called Whistle, which is a Public Relations agency based in Birmingham. They provide full range of services spanning audit and consultancy, public relations, engagement, social media, internal communications and issues management.

Having Hayley as a guest speaker at the university helped me acknowledge a lot of abilities, and skills I didn’t know I had. Being a self critic as I am, having someone who has been part of the Pr industry for more than 11 years, gives me a little guide on what to expect working in the Public Relations industry.

One of the industries I would love to work on when I am done with university is PR, either being a freelancer or working for an agency. Hayley as an expert in the industry mentioned it is fine to make mistakes, and most importantly is to learn from it. I am currently learning how to be more confident on my craft, especially my writing. Like I said earlier, personally I am very self critic, and wanting to do the best a thrive in my work. English isn’t my first language and having to write an article in that language, was a struggle.

Something that really stand out for me during the session was when Hayley gave a few tips on how to progress in this industry. She recommended to set expectations in this industry, as well as being curious about anything and everything which helps in terms of learning from other people and businesses.

I had a certain expectations about this industry which I was able to clear thanks to experts from the industry. I expected PR to be more fun, relaxed and travelling, but now I know hard work and determination goes a very long way. Currently working on my PR abilities, using my personal blog which is also my portfolio, to learn how to be a good PR agent, and be more confident on my writing skills.

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