University isn’t only attending lectures, submitting essays and readings, it involves many other activities and gaining experience within fields we are passionate about, or to learn new things out of the comfort zone. Personally, I have been able to develop different new skills since the start of my second year, gaining experience in areas I would never have thought about. My passion for new experiences was what pushed me to learn new things, not only for me coursework portfolio but to improve my professional skills while achieving valuable life experiences. I have learnt about my advantages and disadvantages in industries I thought I would love to work for, it helped me acknowledge what I really want for my professional career after university. 

I have had struggles with my communication, presentation and writing skills since the start of the first year of university, due to English not being my first language. I have improved a lot thanks to the help the university provided. I had skills sessions with the Centre of Academic Writing, which has been really useful, helping with tips on how to write academically and professionally which I will continue developing throughout my academic years. I have been able to work on my communication and presentation skills thanks to a door to door fundraising I was doing the first semester, it was a paid job, not included as a placement,  but it helped develop those skills because I had the opportunity to talk to different people and meet different types of personalities, had to talk in a professional manner all the time due to representing a well-known charity. I am still progressing on my presentation skills, which I expect to be on an advanced level by the end of the academic year.

For me to be able to apply for Internships, jobs and be able to contact professionals in the field, I created a LinkedIn profile. I used my CV to apply which was what I was required to present. Only one of the jobs required a Cover Letter, which I will attach below. I have been able to apply to different internships related to social media which is the field I want to work for. Didn’t receive feedback from some of the ones I applied for, I am still on hold due to large applicants, but I had the opportunity to secure a three out of ten days required placement through university thanks to Clare Bumford. It consists of conducting an interview with a guest speaker who came over to give a presentation to music students who are looking for careers in the music industry.  

I have been developing my personal and professional skills, had sessions with other fellow course mates who are more experience in terms of editing, photography and videography skills, to exchange knowledge in the field. Furthermore, I attended other skill sessions, such as basic photography skills sessions provided by a lecturer which I learnt a lot about, and updated what I already knew about. 

Had a TV studio training thanks to our lecturer. Had training on how Tv shows work behind the scene and all the work that comes with it. At the end of the year, we made a video for Christmas, it help me with more with my confidence front of a camera, walking alongside my course mates as a team, to make sure everything came out smoothly. This training helped me have a good understanding of what it is like to work front, but mostly behind camera. 

Personally, I attended other events outside the range of the university to expand my knowledge in the field I am passionate about. I attended YouTube Space in London to learn more about their job prospect, and how can I contribute to be part of the industry behind scenes. I am a beginner content creator on YouTube, and I am looking forward to expanding it, that’s why I am attending a YouTube training 28th of January 2019, to learn to develop my acknowledged skills such as photography, videography, editing, presentation and communication skills.

This portfolio has helped me learn a lot about different fields which I am passionate about and others I didn’t know much about, I am looking forward to learning more in-depth, doing researches and as well thanks to the internship I have done and more I am looking forward to do during the course of the semester.  By the end of the year, I know how have a clear idea to what career I certainly want to pursue after university.

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