I moved to The Netherlands on the 1st of August 2019. I was really excited to travel and move country all alone but also scary the same time. I was thrilled, and the feeling was amazing. I was more than ready to conquer the city.

On a beautiful sunny morning, I met with a friend who I previously met before moving to the Netherlands through social media when I was house searching. We walked to the city centre of Leeuwarden (I was not biking then). Decided to walk and not take the public transport because I wanted to know my surrounding, on the bright side it only took 20min walking from my student accommodation to the city centre, perfect, right?

Walking to the city I noticed the separation between spaces for bikes and pedestrians to walk. Netherlands take biking very seriously, and it is the quickest way to get to places without having to be stuck in traffic.

Getting to the city, it looked really beautiful, infatuation at first sight you could say. Furthermore this blog you’ll understand why I call it infatuation and not love.

The city was beautiful, full of life and Dutch people. There were few shops to visit, but there wasn’t too much to see or explore. They have their food market which is only open on Fridays, 9am till 6pm. It’s a food market in which you can find all the fresh food you want for a very cheap price. Exciting and healthy, right?

My friend and I walked around the whole morning, while she also introduced me to another friend of hers, who them became a close friend of mine as well. One of my favourite spot to sit on was on the stares at the square, close to the city hall, which is equivalent to council in England. The view was really beautiful.

Leeuwarden has beautiful viewing when looked from a high building, especially during sunset. It simply beautiful and magical.

Walking around the beautiful city of Leeuwarden was fun, but it’s time to go home.

To be continued…

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