As part of my module at university, I am required to undertake an internship I had to look for myself. Applying and emailing different companies was a touch journey. Had to make sure my personal CV looks impeccable and professional, meaning this was the first time writing a professional cover letter.

I believed that getting an internship was easier than getting an actual job, due to being student applying and wanting an opportunity to learn from a company. I believed companies will be more understanding at choosing their interns, due to being to be proud of having someone who wants to learn from their company and also working for free.

The process of apply for internship started September when I was required to do that as part of my module. It has been a long journey, and I can say I have lost count of how many internships I have applied for without having a response back from the companies. I was able to get freelance experience attending events, and working with other class members.

I have been able to develop my skills in different ways during this whole year. I attended career events which have helped me with a clearer idea of which career path I want to pursue in the future, looking forward to work in a creative industry as a content creator either for an agency, or as a freelancer.  

Photography has been part of my life since I was a child, the only difference is that I was mostly front of the camera as a model. Been a freelance photographer has been something I have always been passionate about but never had the tools to start working on it as a teenager, now I am older I have been able to make that desire come through. Been developing my photography and videography skills thanks to other course mates, YouTube and practical sessions I have attended at university.

There is section on the menu bar above which shows few of my photography work, but also on photography social media account.

The struggle to find an internship was really frustrating to the point I nearly give up and I decided to work and develop my professional skills during the year, but I was lucky to have a company which found my LinkedIn and my professional experience helpful and I was invited to join their brand. I am currently an intern for a lingerie brand called Boodica, which is based in Coventry. My internship is based on working alongside with the marketing team to create content for their social media platforms, mainly YouTube. This internship gives me the opportunity to work as a freelancer and to challenge myself as a content creator. Creating weekly social media videos has been a massive challenge to my creativity, being able to give good and interesting quality content every week requires a lot of research, target audience, and know what people are more likely to be interested in watching.

I have been able to develop my confidence skills on camera, as well as my editing skill. I have learnt different type of marketing strategies tool to reach large audiences.

This internship has helped me acknowledge my love for being a content creator, and I am looking forward to learn more during this journey.

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