According to Cambridge dictionary, creativity is the ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative.

Researching about the creativity of Bitmoji, most information discusses how users use Bitmoji to create a virtual recreation of their image.Bitmoji is an App which was created for people to feel that virtual world is real, even if they’re not present. Most article I did my research on narrates about the utility of the App.

Bitmoji allows you create a virtual cartoon image of yourself, as I stipulated before, which could be shared on different apps when it was first created by Bistrips. Afterwards Snapchat bought Bitmoji, so it all rights transferred specifically to Snapchat. It allows to create personalized avatar, which gives the choice to change skin colour, facial features, hairstyles based on culture, outfits depending on your style. Bitmoji is promotes diversity. (Glenfield 2015)

An article on The Guardian explains how a teenage girl posted online how she found it biased Bitmoji App didn’t have women with hijab when she was trying to send one to a group chat. She made a publication online which went viral from popular news pages such as Reddit, Buzzfeed, and also news websites and TV specifically BBC. (Puglise 2016)

Another creativity of Bitmoji is an update made last year 2017, which allows personalized avatars to be animated, with the option of gaining life. This update is mostly known on Snapchat, which allows the users screen record their avatars while they either dance or sing. (Gracia 2017)

An additional update is also Bitmoji Deluxe, it’s more updated than the current Bitmoji, which allows to add makeup, accessories, and also outfits. (Powell 2018)

Concluding the creativity of Bitmoji, the App permits you to create an identical virtual version of yourself or your better self-online, which can be seen as creative or fake life.










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