There are few controversies related to Bitmoji since it’s an App to be creative and express yourself online. There have been some controversies which Cheatsheet explains in a funny manner. It’s explained mostly in an entertaining and approachable way for readers to be entertained and interested in the topic. (Bolluyt 2017) One of the controversies is, for example, a lady developed anxiety because of the App, her notion of time also went by without notice because she spent most of her days figuring a perfect image for her Bitmoji. (Stolyar 2018)

Also, abc7chicago narrates how Bitmoji caused serious actions on the app, such as racism.  The report was written in a form of dialogue. Students from Los Gatos high school in California were getting ready for prom season, a white student sent a Bitmoji character which was black with blue eyebrows, blue hair, to his prom date who’s half African-American, who found it racist. (Woodrow 2017)

Another controversy is people need to be aware and careful of the avatar sent, because it could come across a different way. Corey Black, chief executive of Round Table Companies sent a Bitmoji wishing good night to his employees, instead it came across as a creepy Boss. That’s a mistake which can be easily misjudge. (Needleman 2017)




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