In my last post I mentioned how important space is when conducting an interview. Space is complex.

Space and Place are two different concepts that are used interchangeably in everyday conversation but have been theorised differently and to different effect.

  • Space of flows
  • Space of places

Castells argument in The Information Age Trilogy (1996-1998) discussed by Paula Saukko who writes: ‘To give an overview of Castells’s trilogy, in a nutshell, it argues that the global space has increasingly been split into the ‘space of flows’ (or the sphere of The Net) and the ‘space of places’ (or the sphere of the Self ).’ – Saukko (2003: 157)

In Castells’ three-volume it is argued that space has been divided into ‘space of flows’ and the spaces of places’. The Net is related to the material time-sharing activities that are not linked to a particular place, while in the space of places, people build identities that grow from social movements that contains elements of social transformation. 

Meaning is a ‘place’ is a specific point (e.g a kitchen) while ‘space’ is an area with boundaries that can be perceived or imagined (e.g an idea). Places becomes dynamic entities, a fluid state of transition.

There are two different type of legacies who defend one thing or another, ‘humanists and materialists’

Humanists focus on place, a special location defined by experience and people

Materialists focus on space as a socially produced and consumed.

A way to understand space is through mapping, because according to Denis Cosgrove ‘Mapping the distribution of such cultural traits as language and settlement form was fundamental to the project of national borders’ (2005: 28).

Maps are subjective, it varies thanks to the amount people and place are willing to pay to be on it. (e.g we can see big stores like Zara featured in maps while local stores are hard to locate, because important stores like Zara pay to be featured)

In this week task we were giving a specific location to explore, investigate and disrupt. Our space was Coventry Market.

As a group we went to the market which was easy to locate, made our behind the scene video while exploring the space. An important task was how we could disrupt the space. we started dancing in the middle of the market, the locals weren’t happy at all because we were in their way, some people even used hard words on us.

How would I make this video different? Instead of dancing in the middle of the market and taking pictures, I would’ve screamed for a while, disrupting the peace of people around there, that would’ve been challenging and I would’ve gotten worst reaction from people.


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