There’s two type of ways of viewing the world. There’s vision and visuality.

Vision is what human eyes can see physiologically.

Image in one of the most basic factor when it comes to the media, need to be able to analyse and interprete an image. We focus on how images are represented in the media industry,  how genders and race are visualised, same was as how minorities and women are portrayed in the media. E.g. women are sexualised by their bodies in media industry. To be able to interpret how media presents certain images we use semiotics to be able to study the signs and symbols and their use of interpretation.

Visuals are linked to sensory, sights, hearing, feeling, smelling, and touching.

They are methods used for this research, which are:

  • Photo-documentation: Planned series of photographs to document and analyse a particular visual phenomenon
  • Photo-elicitation: Photographs discussed in an interview with the researcher
  • Photo-essay: Photographs put together with a test to interpret a social situation or problem

In our weekly task we were giving a method, which is Photo-essay to conduct a research on a social situation.

According to W.J.T Mitchel: ” The photo-essay is a ‘truly composite form’ because of this cp-equality between text and image. Some photo-essays are made by a writer and a photographer working together, some are made by one person Bothe writing and photographing” (1994:290)

We focused on urban regeneration. We took pictures of the different views of Coventry buildings, old building reconstructed into new ones. Ellen Terry building is a clear example of one, which was builded in the 1880, originally a cinema, but now modernised into an university building same as the Phoenix pub, which was established in 1720 but now used for student gathering.

An old building such as Coventry Cathedral is an important example, which used to be a church but now for hosting events and a memorial place for people to visit.

We can clearly see the difference between the modern world and the old cathedral

I can conclude that Coventry  is modernising every single day, we can find from old buildings to new building and some in progress. We are here to see Coventry grow everyday.

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