Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviours that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions. A company’s culture will be reflected in its dress code, business hours, office setup, employee benefits, turnover, hiring decisions, treatment of clients, client satisfaction and every other aspect of operations. (Investopedia Staff n.d.)

Before talking about the corporate culture of Bitmoji, Bitmoji are personalised cartoon avatars of people, which can be used to interact through texts or emails. (Silbert 2018)

Bitmoji is a company which belonged to Bistrips, which allows you create comic strips using personalised avatars, originally created by Jacob Blackstock and Jesse Brown. Bitmoji was sold to Snapchat in 2016, which is the current owner of the App. (Krueger 2016)

Bitmoji is an App that currently belongs to Snapchat. A research about Bitmoji corporate culture leads particularly to Snapchat, because it’s the owner.

Snapchat corporate culture stands for ‘secrecy, control and kindness’. It shares the importance of working as a team with an open and nice personality, which also encourages team therapy session for staff because it boosts their creativity and development of work. Snapchat doesn’t have a specific headquarters, it has dispersed private houses as office which could affect the efficiency of staff morals in the future because they could feel isolated. It also values daily users of snapchat rather than monthly users. (Edward 2017)

Importantly working for snapchat requires loyalty, secrecy and upheaval situations. Snapchat hiring plan was tough and hard because of the value of secrecy and harsh control of CEO Evan Spiegel, who according to a formal employee, looks down on people. (Carson and Heath 2016)




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