Although I am still abroad, my Erasmus journey has come to an end. I have learnt a lot during my stay here in the Netherlands. I have grown a lot as a person and also as a professional, and I also fell in love with this country. I definitely see myself living here in the future. Overall my experience has been chaotic, I made good friends, I made bad ones as well, and I also lost people, but most importantly I learnt from all this people, which made me grow as a person.

I have been trying to learn the language slowly (Dutch is a very hard language), I can say I understand when people speak slowly, and I can say few works and make few sentences, I do really sound funny when I speak it, but everyone been saying I have good solid dutch pronunciation. The process has been really funny, and I am looking forward to learn more.

Would I repeat this experience again? Definitely without no doubts, but probably would have done things differently.

Overall, I don’t regret any decision taken, because I learn from it and grew so much as a person.

Me being happy

What a journey so far right

See you on my next one

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