I read Olamide’s blog she seemed to have enjoyed her experience studying in California. She travelled quite around the country and also learnt a new language, Japanese. She attended Gemini man movie premiere where she was able to take pics with the famous Smith Family.

Overall reading this blog, I didn’t learn much from it or felt much from it, but what I was able to conclude from it was that she enjoyed going to few places, her being in California, Hollywood city. She has progressed a lot in terms of her skills, and learnt few new things. She did talk about few of her classes and she seems to have enjoyed it but there isn’t much to say from it. I thought while reading, there would be more emotions to understand more and feel what she felt, but I didn’t feel none of that, her writing was more professionally based.

I love the layout of her blog, looks creative. Overall what I was able to conclude from the blog was she developed her professional skills.


Jessica spent half year in China and the other half year in Spain as an intern I’m going to start with her experience in China, which she didn’t really enjoy because she felt like she was not able to show her full potential and also wasn’t getting enough feedback from employers and co-workers because they were not as open minded as the western part and they felt being honest and giving criticism is being disrespectful. Now in Spain she felt people were more relaxed, although she also struggled a bit in Spain especially with the language barrier, same as in China, but she enjoyed being in Spain more than China, weather also helps.

Her blog has more emotions to it, I felt like I could feel her struggles while reading, felt more connected. The design is more simple and easy access.

Overall, I was able to conclude she grew a lot as a person and also her professional skills.


Jaunius secured a place as a marketing assistant for Harman International. The process of him getting an internship was hard, but he had the support of his partner and friend and university and was able to secure a job.

One thing he learnt that simple works take longer to do, and more time and dedication. From what I could read, he has learnt and grow a lot as a person and a professional. He has been able to develop his professional skills, and which will as well help him with his final year. His blog was more written about the professional aspect, which he didn’t express much feeling about his internship journey.

Overall, I learnt that he enjoyed working in a office, although he isn’t an office type of person.   

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