Coventry University was delighted to have Oli Hills as a guest speaker for 2nd year Media and Communication students
Oliver Hills

Oliver Hills, is the managing director of Updates Media based in Birmingham. Having Oli as a guest speaker gave me a different perspective and opinion on my interest in journalism. Oli studied Business and Economics management in Newcastle, with the aspiration of becoming an investor banker. After working for different companies, he moved back home to start a new business.

Updates Media is a local digital news platform, which is based in the Midlands. They run Birmingham Updates, London Updates and Coventry Updates. They deliver current news to the public through their media platforms.

Before this session, my understanding of being a journalist was mainly either working on the TV news as a reporter, traveling the world in research of news as a reporter, and writing on newspapers. This gave a different insight of what to expect as a journalist, which still gives the possibility to work for an agency which gives the opportunity to add a little bit of personal touch

Oliver’s speech helped me realise journalism isn’t something I would be passionate about in the future, but it’s something I am most likely to do. I have been developing my skills in being able to share news through social media, as well as writing on my blog.

One of the biggest thing that stand out during the speech was that Oliver applied for more than 650 job applications before he was able to secure a job. That gave me hope to never to give up when searching for a job after uni, because it’s very easy to feel a certain way when it seems like it’s impossible to be at a certain role. Dedication and hard work goes a long way.

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