Did the university life here stood up to my expectations? No, it didn’t. Well, I wasn’t expecting much due to me knowing this little village didn’t have much to offer, but I expected the university to at least have activities and encourages student to have a better student life. As part of a university experience, having a good student life is essential, it makes the journey better, easier and less lonely I guess.
The university course is not what I initially thought it would be. I had a certain level of expectations because the minor is called Creative Cultural Communication. I expected to be more creative, and that had more to do with my degree Media and Communication, well unfortunately it didn’t have nothing to do with it. I thought it would be more creative, more in the media industry, but guess what, It was more business related.
I thought I would be studying a minor related to my degree but it was more Business Management, more specifically, Marketing. I have never done marketing before, my degree is more focused on Media and also de Communication part of Media. I felt completely lost for at least the whole 5 months of me doing that minor, I also felt completely frustrated and lost. During this whole 5 months of me studying the feeling I had, never had that during my first or second year in Coventry.

I felt lost, confused, frustrated and scared because I felt like I was loosing a lot. Now let me break this down easily for you reading this to understand me more. I was lost and confused because in my mind and expectations this is not what I signed up for. The minor (like they call it here) had nothing to do with the title. I had to create a marketing campaign as a group for a real company. Like I said earlier I have never done a marketing research or anything similar before, so the words and terminology used was completely new to me, which made the work very hard, but I was lucky enough to have a home student in my group who had done the project before and made the process bearable.

Most of the times I was frustrated and confused because number one it was already hard for me due to me not knowing anything about the minor, and to top it up, my lecturers here were not helpful at all. They expected us as Erasmus student to know everything ourselves. We all came from different universities, different degrees and different way of studying, and they didn’t want to understand most of us didn’t know nothing about business studies or marketing.

At the end of this journey it got better, because I thought if I was able to overcome something I didn’t know nothing about, then I could overcome anything in my final of university when I go back to England. I ended my study programme with a different mindset, I worked on seeing the positive part of the journey and overcame the obstacles because that’s the only way I could see myself enjoying this process

Yes, this is how my studying experience went at my exchanged university, NHL Stenden here in The Netherlands.

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