Adam Dent is the managing director of Advent PR. The company is a public relation company which is dedicated on working with crisis media management, which are based and specialised in the media industry and also alongside social media.

He works with qualified journalists, according to Adam Dent, 14 staff, who writes, research and help their client secure their goals on the internet. This company works with the media, social media, web upkeep, copy writing, speech writing, presenting and facilitating and now also includes video.

Adam explained how important is to secure clients through talented and perfect job. Which explains why creativity is really important also de ability to write because that’s what is essential for this type of industry. Being a PR is something is also a job prospect I’ve considered because it fits the creative industry I would like to work in the future. The way someone portrays themselves on the internet, specifically social media, is very important when it comes to business. The most important information for me is that having a certain degree doesn’t mean I can’t have different type of job options for the future. It doesn’t mean I have to stick to a certain type of industry just because I have a degree related to that, I am able to explore different options. The information which would affect work in future would have to be my ability of being a creative writer. I have a lot more to learn and how to write creatively other than only filming.





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