Having Anthony Tattum the founder and chairman of Big Cat Agency as a guest speaker at Coventry University was an absolute pleasure.
Anthony Tattum

Anthony Tattum is the founder of Big Cat Agency in Birmingham, who has been working in advertising for more than 25 years. He studied Russian and Engineering at Birmingham University. It was delightful to have Anthony as part a guest speaker at the Coventry University.

Anthony studied Russian and Engineering as I mentioned above, but that was something he wasn’t passionate about. He organised music events at university, while working at different pubs, creating promotions.

Big Cat is a marketing and advertising agency based in the midland, specifically Birmingham, initially started in Manchester during the early 90s. It was officially launched year 2000. This agency has it’s unique way in the way they present themselves, which the catchy ‘Big Cat is a no-nonsense marketing communications agency’ phrase.

Working at a marketing and advertising industry was something I’ve always considered since I was in college. The ability to be creative is something I’ve always thrive for. Anthony gave me the opportunity to know what to expect work for a marketing company. Big Cat a small agency, which is more focused on their clients needs, making their needs more personal.

Creating a marketing and advertising campaign requires a lot of creativity, which is something I love and interested in doing in the nearest future. Personally I believe that working in the creative industry is either having a wild range of imagination or being socially, politically and culturally aware. To be able to work in the creative industry, confidence is very much needed. My confidence when publishing my work is something I’ve been working on, and the result has been great. I am not scared to show the world my work.
To be able to work in the marketing and advertising industry a lot of work experience is very much needed, being able to prove there’s an entry level of knowledge about the work which is about to be performed, as well as being proactive, and very focused and determined on the job.

I am currently working with a fashion brand, as part of their marketing team to work on creating promotional videos for their social media platform, which is helping me boost my confidence in my craft.

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