Empty Metros Commuting To Work
Commuting To Work and Metros Being Empty

Working from home has been a challenge. Who would have thought the world would be this way, and I never expected my journey to be like this, but I always think things happen for a reason. 

I have been working from home for a couple of weeks now. When the lockdown started I was still going to work due to my boss not caring much about the situation and thinking people were exaggerating, but things got worse, and I was still commuting to the office like everything was normal. Me personally, having minor health issues, it was safer for me to work from home, so I requested to continue working from home to me being worried of getting sick, and I felt safer being on lockdown at my place. I then started working from home. Now I thought working from home would be better, and at least I would have a great communication from my employer, but things didn’t get better. Communication is really bad, they don’t communicate or do anything on time. Working from home, it’s quite hard to edit and produce videos, so I have been asked to be working as their blogger. They request me to do work for them with less than 24 hours deadline, when that shouldn’t be the case. They pressurise me to deliver work on their own convenience and with few hours deadline, without communicating with me if I would be able to (have in mind I get sick when I am under pressure, and my anxiety level skyrockets). I am an individual which puts so much pressure on myself to deliver work on time and perfect, and adding more pressure to me, makes me feel worse, this was communicated to them. There was a case where I was given a deadline (next day) to submit work that requires days, which I submitted as requested. My work was not looked at or revised until I sent a message asking about feedback, basically it took them a week and a half, and if it’s not because I messaged I would’ve been ignored. That has been an ongoing thing since I started working from home. 

Basically, to summarise, doing internship from home has been really hard, I can’t communicate proper with my employer because they don’t reply on time or on their own convenience. They are not being professional, at all but I decided not to stick to the negative part of it. I have been learning how to write as an inspirational blogger which has been a struggle so far… funny right. I am more of a lifestyle blogger than an inspirational, so I have been working on learning how to write like that. 

I am still continuing this journey till the end, I really want to see how things develops, if it gets better or still stuck in the same cycle, nevertheless I know  I’ll learn different new things about myself during the process.

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