Having guest speaker Christina Savvas at Coventry University, was what I needed and more.
Christina Savvas

Christina Savvas is the Head of Audience Engagement for Birmingham Live, which are based in Birmingham.

Birmingham Live is a digital newspaper based as the name says, in Birmingham. This digital website shares daily and currently updated news.
Christina speech highlights the importance of social media in todays society, as a social network but as well as a news platform. Nowadays people access new through social media instead of reading an analog newspaper.

All digital news websites have their personal social media platform where they share their articles for easy access through people’s personal social media accounts.

Working on social digital industry is something I am aiming for in the future, either as a freelance content creator or as part of a company. Using social media to share news is something I have always have interest on since I was in secondary school.

I had a certain expectation when it comes to working as part of the social media sector. Personally felt it would be more of an easy journey, but with all the information I was able to get from this session as university and other freelance experience I have been working on, working in this industry is far from easy like I expected. My expectations dissolved thanks to Christina.

I have learnt that working on social media requires a lot of attention and special dedication because being able to create a traffic requires a lot of dedicated investigations, gender, ages, interest, and other relevant information to create a target audience.
I believed it was easier to simply create a post, use a hashtag and workout audience from people who simply follow the account.

One thing I really took out from Christina advice was that your personal account if it’s also your business account, you’re a representation of what is posted on that account. Social media is a business tools requires a lot of patience.
I have been working as part of an internship with a fashion brand being a content creator for their personal youtube channel, and I have learn a lot so far. Representing a brand requires me to be cautious with my personal account and what is posted.

Christina’s speech helped me acknowledge a lot of thing when it comes to working on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Building a brands reputation on social media is crucial due to a digitalised society we live in.
Personally looking forward to learn more about this industry, but to begin with going experience has been my number one priority this semester at university.

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