This week guest speaker series is about Ibrahim Kamara who’s an entrepreneur from South London, who has always had the mind-set to make business and been an entrepreneur since a very young age. He started from secondary school to make money by selling simple things to other fellow students.

He owns his own business brand called GUAP which stands for GREAT UNDERSTANDING AND POWER. The company started because he wanted to show there was more to the professional world, for example doctors, or accountant, that there are young people who want to do random things, for example like fashion, creative content or media, to entertain and inspire young people to be creative in a different way. Help small brand work alongside with big brands.

He is someone who I can relate to and he made so many key points which will definitely help me boost my career. A point he stated was, ‘we learn from young age that the academically smarter we are, the easer we get a job’, which is usually never the case, because a lot of companies doesn’t need academicals smart people, instead people that are smart to be innovative. Ibrahim Kamara has been a big inspiration for me, because of his motivation and creative mind-set. He’s help set a certain aspiration and courage to pursue things I would have never thought because of failing, never to give up my persona for a job because there’s always something that’ll fit my purpose. The most beneficial information for me is that I don’t need to work in a serious company to make it and succeed. Being creative is also a way of working, inspiring myself and also other people from younger generation to an old generation. The information which would affect work in future is that with hard work and perseverance and nice personality everything is possible, in any department I work for, either a company or freelance, dedication is key to success.

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