Pete is an executive producer at ITV, a UK television channel. He is responsible for producing some of ITV content, such as Saturday Night Takeaway. He makes sure everything is produced with a high quality, meaning he chooses the casting, production cast, scrips also scene and music choices. Being an executive producer for TV also […]


Adam Dent is the managing director of Advent PR. The company is a public relation company which is dedicated on working with crisis media management, which are based and specialised in the media industry and also alongside social media. He works with qualified journalists, according to Adam Dent, 14 staff, who writes, research and help […]


Today’s guest speaker is about Rob and Sam. They both own an advertisement company which is called GREY LONDON. Sam Daly is the Art Director, who’s role it to control how thing looked and how they shoot. He makes sure the filming department is impeccable, how everything is designed, and Rob Greaves is the Copywriter. […]


This week guest speaker series is about Ibrahim Kamara who’s an entrepreneur from South London, who has always had the mind-set to make business and been an entrepreneur since a very young age. He started from secondary school to make money by selling simple things to other fellow students. He owns his own business brand […]

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