According to the dictionary, sensory is relating to sensation or the physical senses; transmitted or perceived by the senses. There are 5 categories: taste, smell, sound, touch and the visual. Aristotle divides those categories into two: the humans are related to the visual, smell and sound. while the animals to taste and touch. ‘The five senses […]


When we hear digital the first thing that comes to our mind is TECHNOLOGY. We leave traces while researching the digital, that’s what we call ‘Big Data’, it’s large set of data analyse by computers to show patterns and behaviours. It traces we leave online, which belongs to “regimes of power”, entities with money. A […]


There’s two type of ways of viewing the world. There’s vision and visuality. Vision is what human eyes can see physiologically. Image in one of the most basic factor when it comes to the media, need to be able to analyse and interprete an image. We focus on how images are represented in the media […]


In my last post I mentioned how important space is when conducting an interview. Space is complex. Space and Place are two different concepts that are used interchangeably in everyday conversation but have been theorised differently and to different effect. Space of flows Space of places Castells argument in The Information Age Trilogy (1996-1998) discussed […]

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